The Face that Lunched a Thousand chips

I am watching Troy: Fall of a city on Netflix. I know it’s a tragedy, a Greek one, not the fact I’m watching it. You all know the story. Actually, I bet most people don’t anymore. What most of us know are snippets. Achilles’ heel, he was the super strong hero whose only weak point

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Just 5 Days to go

Just 5 days till I speak online, this Sunday 21st February at our Church. 1st time in a few years I have spoken publicly. I promise this, it won’t be boring and it will be relevant. The link will be found on the day at: http://www.creechbc.co.uk

A Little Goes A Long Way

I was taking a tablet today. It was tiny, I thought, how can something so tiny make such a huge difference to how I feel. It was a Zolmitriptan, anti-migraine tablet. I take daily preventers but they are becoming less effective and I seem to need Zomig (trade name) tablets more often. It got me

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Coming Soon

On Sunday 21st February I am speaking at our church, online. If you have read my blogs and are curious to hear me speak, check it out. I will be speaking about hope. Isn’t that something we all need. The link to the meeting will be at http://www.creechbc.co.uk it starts at 10.30am BST or universal

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Have you ever thought about gravity? Of course, you haven’t, you’re far too busy, That’s why I’m here. I don’t mean the Sandra Bullock & George Clooney movie as good or bad as that was. Gravity is a very odd and amazing thing. It seems to have a cumulative effect. As you get older, it

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All of Me

I was listening to a love song, “All of me love all of you.” I know, what an old softie. Anyway, I got to thinking of all those families in lockdown who probably had that song as ‘Their song.’ Maybe as their wedding song. It got my imagination going of a typical morning in such

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House Selling With A Disability

It’s never easy to sell a house and Covid is not making things any simpler. But add into the mix a disability and then things start to get difficult. I have written this blog to open the eyes of agents and buyers to the extra complexity disabled sellers and their families face. You phone up

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Diet Zero

The amazing new, zero fat, zero sugar, zero carb, zero minerals, zero protein, zero fibre diet. It’s the one you have been looking for. No difficult chewing. No problems digesting. No more flatulence. It takes up zero space in your cupboard. For the environmentally conscious it has a zero-carbon footprint. No more cooking or meal

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