First Law of Thermodynamics

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I came to an amazing realisation the other day. Matter can neither be created nor destroyed. It’s the first law of thermodynamics, yes, there are more. But bear with me, there is a great significance in this. If matter, physical stuff, you know, like fat can neither be created nor destroyed then that means when one person loses weight, another gains it. That’s just physics. After all the fat can’t just disappear, can it?

I must so frustrate all the scientists out there, you must be clawing at your phones, tablets and PC’s. Or maybe you are walking along shouting out loud. Well it’s only you who looks silly, I am being perfectly scientific.

Let’s face it everyone knows this anyway. What do you say when you succeed on a diet? ‘I have lost weight.’ Yes, you lost it and someone else found it. You don’t say, ‘that fat just disappeared do you? Point proved I think.

So, it’s not the cheeseburgers, pizzas, crisps, ice-creams, sweets, beers etc. that put on those extra inches. It’s just physics. I never liked physics at school, now I know why, it causes me to put on weight.

If all those health fanatics would stop exercising and dieting, I would stop gaining weight. The world would settle into equilibrium. It’s your fault local gym. Spare me those inches slimming universe.

If you believe that, you’ll believe anything J and no there is no point explaining what it really means.

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