Happy Birthday

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I don’t want to boast or be accused of false information. But I really cannot believe that I will be 60 soon. You can’t either can you? I can see you all clicking back to my profile picture thinking, “has he Photoshopped it?” or “Is that a photo from thirty years ago?” Well, thank you for those kind words, but it was actually a recent photo. I am just naturally youthful. In fact, I think my mum got my birth date wrong. My wrinkle free completion and full head of dark hair: stay away from that profile picture, are proof.

But I am not writing this blog as a puff piece about how good looking and young I am. You know that already. No, this is about an observation on a card shop in Hartlepool. Mary was going to buy a 60th Birthday, husband card and banner, from Card Factory, and this seems to be an area that is lacking. Which leads me to ask, “Are husbands of 60, thin on the ground up here? Or do they not celebrate their birthday? Or are they unmarried or no longer married?” it’s a mystery that needs investigating.

Mysterious as this is I am here to help you and me gain clarity in all things. Let us ask ourselves what is the likelihood that there are fewer than the average 60-year-old husbands here? Of course, you are all way ahead of me. In reality there are so many 60-year-old husbands in Hartlepool that the shop has sold out. That makes perfect sense, 1961 was a busy year for babies. Not that I remember because I can’t possibly have been born that long ago! But I am told it was. All the men born at that point were obviously a romantic lot and got married. Well, at least the ones in Hartlepool did and they are still on their 6th marriage, I mean 1st marriage. So, their loving, devoted, caring spouses are all out buying cards, banners and balloons. Why couldn’t they have left just one? One little 5ft balloon. One tiny 30” card, one confetti canon, one banner sparkling and bright. Not that it matters to me of course.

Onwards and upwards, after all, no banner will get in our way. The weather has turned. Normally when you say that, you mean it’s started raining. Got cold and wet. In this instance, I mean the sun has come out and its really hot. I won’t say what it turned from; but I was wrapped up a bit warmer yesterday.

Actually, the best bit about my birthday is that our two sons and our daughter-in-law are coming to stay. That is an absolute joy. We even get the fun of our son and daughter-in-laws puppy staying. Our newly Americanised daughter can’t make it over from the states with her husband, but Skype is a wonderful thing. I can give her a virtual hug.

Anyway, I can’t hang around all day chatting. Things to do, places to go. OK, so maybe that’s an exaggeration. But I do have some resting to catch up on.

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