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I am sure you are all beside yourselves with excitement over Windows 11? Now don’t be silly and ask what Windows 11 is. Obviously it’s the next Microsoft Operating System after Windows 10. Yes the never-ending story one which has radically changed in type without changing in number.

I have beta tested every version of Windows since Windows 95, 26 years ago. There’s some people reading this who weren’t even born then. I was only a young lad of course, hardly out of short trousers. But I did not beta test Windows 11; the first I have missed in all these years. Probably explains a few things. I’m also not accepting any responsibility for Windows Millenium, I don’t think Microsoft do either. Back to Windows 11, you were missing it weren’t you? I didn’t even know it existed until I read about it on Twitter. You didn’t know it existed till you read this blog and you don’t care; harsh, very harsh. I get a tech Twitter feed that I don’t remember signing up for. In this feed one of the tech managers for Windows 11 was saying that when he was planning Windows 11, I guess he is high up, he always thought of his old dad. He wanted Windows 11 to be the easiest and most user friendly version of Windows yet. So he aimed it at his old dad; ahhh.

I am aging fast and my memory is not what it was. No, you don’t have to be so kind, I know I dont…. Oh, no one said anything. Anyway I find that my razor sharp brain of yesteryear has gone. I can barely remember my name much less how to operate a PC. So when I read this, I thought, “at last, an operating system for my dotage.” You’re queuing up now to buy Windows 11, you are all thinking “an easy operating system, can it be true?” I think I should be on retainer for Microsoft.

Actually, I am about to put you all off. Because, no, it isn’t true. I ran the check programme to see if my PC could run Windows 11 and it had the bare faced cheek to say it couldn’t. I don’t mind when a check programme politely says, “your PC needs a bit of tlc to run this. But it just flatly said, No! You can’t run it, go away! Well, it maybe wasn’t quite that rude, but it felt like it. I looked at it’s excuse and it said I didn’t have TPM activated. Well, I don’t know about you, but I don’t activate ‘Too Puzzling Mode’ on my PC; that’s obviously what TPM means, in fact it needs TPM 2.0 or above. I don’t even activate TPM 1.0 why ever would I activate level 2? I get puzzled enough by level one.

It got me thinking, this Microsoft chappies dad must be a professor at MIT. Or maybe he works at Microsoft. I previously had this foolish notion of thinking he was some old guy like me who was in need of a simple operating system. But oh no, he must be a complete whiz at computers.

Sit back down and stop shouting. I know that TPM means Trusted Platform Module. It’s a security feature most PC’s have that just isn’t activated by default. But I wonder how many of you know how to activate it on your PC? I had to look it up. OK clever dick, so you did. Go to the head of the class. The rest of us will toddle along in the slow lane.

Here’s a few other issues that make me wonder just how simple it all is. First, Windows 11 is only available on new PC’s for now. They are slowly releasing it to existing users. Unless, like me, you download it directly. Second, it does not like to load if you have a lot of things plugged in to your USB ports. I found that out the hard way. I have a flight sim, you may have read my blog on that. So I have flight sim hardware. Windows 11 wanted all that unplugged to load. Then I could plug it back in. All very simple. I won’t even get into the fact that your BIOS (I know it has a new name now) may need updating and you probably need to make sure you are running in the right mode. All very simple and ideally suited to the elderly.

There is a theme here; Windows 11 is not simple at all. This guy from Microsoft maybe doesn’t like his dad. Perhaps his dad used to be really difficult to him when he was a child. Making him do complex equations and lots of homework. This is his chance to get his own back. “Hi dad, I have this present for you. A new operating system I designed just for you. I gave it a secret code name, I named it after you, Hank. Enjoy it dad.” He walks of sniggering.

Well, there you go a full and exhaustive review of Windows 11. Actually there are plenty of those, I just wanted say what a silly comment that manager had made. OK, where was that start button again? Somewhere in the middle they said and where have all my programmes gone?

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